Acoustic Guitar TANGLEWOOD TW45R E - Sundance Reserve Series - LR Baggs Stage Pro Element - Super Folk - Cutaway - solid top + back - hardcase

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Large view Acoustic Guitar TANGLEWOOD TW45R E - Sundance Reserve Series -  LR Baggs Stage Pro Element  - Super Folk - Cutaway - solid top + back - hardcase
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TANGLEWOOD guitars are still considered an insider tip in this country. At home in England, these ingenious western guitars are now also enjoying increasing popularity in the USA and Germany. There are hardly a handful of manufacturers worldwide who have transferred the principle of the slightly curved guitar top (concert guitar) from Spain to the steelstring guitar construction. Compared to the flat design, curved ceilings and their internal reinforcements can be made significantly thinner with the same load capacity, which means that weight can be saved. A light top leads to a faster response, a very short reaction time, higher volume and significantly better dynamics. In terms of price-performance ratio, TANGLEWOOD acoustic guitars are unique and leave even established brands far behind!

  • Very nice western guitar from the TANGLEWOOD SUNDANCE RESERVE model series
  • Small and handy thanks to "Super Folk Shape". Fits exactly in a concert guitar case
  • Warm, brilliant and very powerful tone despite the smaller shape
  • Unusually high sound quality in this price range
  • Very easy to grip flat neck
  • 65 cm mensur
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Saddle width: 43 mm (standard size for western guitars)
  • Top: solid cedar
  • Sides: solid mahogany t
  • Bottom: solid mahogany
  • Borders made of white celluloid
  • Fingerboard: rosewood bordered in white
  • Neck: Mahogany. Matt lacquered for a better grip
  • Lacquer body: high gloss
  • Chrome Grover machine heads
  • Special features: slightly curved top, pickup, cutaway
  • Including original case
  • Pickup: LR Baggs Stage Pro Element pickup
  • String action, saddle and neck sag are optimally adjusted in our workshop

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