Tuner - CRAFTER TG-200K - chromatic - universal

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Large view Tuner - CRAFTER TG-200K - chromatic - universal

only as part of set - only as part of set

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  • CRAFTER TG-200K - Universal automatic chromatic tuner for all kinds of instruments
  • Clamp included pickup system enables an interference free tunig independend from any ambient noise
  • Microphone mode also allows tuning for instruments where the clamp is not possible to place
  • The Display backlight jumps from red to green to indicate your tuning
  • Pitch shifting. In 1Hz steps from 430Hz - 450Hz
  • Accuracy:+- 1cents
  • Presets: chromtaic, guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele
  • Capo-Mode corrects string identity when using a capo
  • Automatic turn off function after 7 minutes
  • Battery included

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