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Who we are is a unique combination of a guitar and string instruments specialized shop with an online store as well as a professionally equipped workshop. As skilled luthiers we have been specializing in making, repairing and reselling. Our shop in Freiburg and our online shop offer a wide selection of guitars and string instruments for beginners up to professional musicians, children up to grownups. When deciding our suppliers for instruments we first focus on the highest possible standards. Then each instrument goes through our quality check both when entering and leaving our storage. Each instrument is tested according to playability and fine-tuning is performed, since intonation is crucial to all string instruments. This has become our standard procedure and has guaranteed a maximum of reliability. For the musician it simply means effortless playing.

Michael Berstecher
Michael Berstecher (Manager / Sales / Dispatch / Berstecher Guitars)

was born in 1973 and plays the guitar since he was ten. In 1995 he started making guitars with instruction of Erik Krause, after he had learned the fundamentals in a woodworking school. His second instrument was already bought and is played by a member of the Freiburger Gitarrenquartett. From 1999 to 2001 he worked in a music store in Freiburg which was specialized in string instruments. There he acquired knowledge in violinmaking. In 2001 he founded his own business with

Erik Krause
Erik Krause (Repairs / Guitar making / Web development)

was born in 1961. Inspired by Tibor Ehlers he started making instruments in 1979. Since 1980 he was responsible for the repairs in a small music shop in Pforzheim. In 1983 he met Rolf Eichinger, who taught him the basics of Spanish guitar making. Shortly afterwards he met Franz Butscher and founded the guitar workshop in Freiburg with him. Franz Butscher now lives in Orgiva, near Granada, where he builds beautiful guitars in his own workshop.

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are located in the Kulturpark-Freiburg. The building also houses the international music college and several artists' studios as well as gastronomy.