Diamond Tremolo

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Large view Diamond Tremolo
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The Diamond Tremolo features a 100% analog signal path utilizing an optoisolator like vintage tube amplifiers of the 60’s. The analog signal path is combined with a microprocessor controller to provide you a maximum of versatility.

  • Diamond Tremolo Controls:
  • Speed
  • Depth
  • Volume
  • Mode
  • Swich for Waveform
  • Footswitch for Tap Tempo or Double Speed Mode

  • Diamond Tremolo Features:
  • tap tempo and footswitchable double speed mode
  • user selectable waveforms (sharkfin, sinewave, square wave and "chop")
  • timing accents (3/4, 6/8, 2/4 and 4/4)
  • rhythmic trem mode
  • "Chaotic" mode - random speeds with any waveform!
  • TapView (TM) feature allows the player to visually see the tempo and tap speed while tapping a new setting.
  • True Bypass, 100% analog signal path
  • optoisolator as used in Vintage-Amps
  • operation via 9V battery or standard 9V DC Adapter (tip negativ)

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