Acoustic Amplifier ASHDOWN RADIATOR 1 - AAR/1V R

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Large view Acoustic Amplifier ASHDOWN RADIATOR 1 - AAR/1V R

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Compact, portable and beautifully designed cabinet, featuring: balanced XLR mic input w/switchable phantom power - switchable input for active and piezo pick-ups w/phase switch for the elimination of standing wave feedback - bass and treble controls w/shape switch providing instant access to an optimum acoustic guitar EQ setting - switchable notch filter w/ variable frequency control to tune out feedback and a high quality digital reverb - Rear panel facilities: balanced XLR DI output for connection to a PA system, FX loop and line/link output

  • Outstanding acoustic combo for classical and Western guitars
  • 100 watt output
  • Very warm, pleasant sound with plenty of power
  • 8" loudspeaker + 2x coaxial tweeter for powerful bass and brilliant treble
  • Also ideal for use in a band (makes itself heard above the drums)
  • 2 separately controlled channels
  • Symmetrical XLR microphone input with phantom voltage switched in for capacitor microphone
  • Inputs with connectable preamplification for passive pickups
  • Both channels with phase reversal which can be switched on to avoid acoustic feedback
  • Bass and treble control with integrated midrange filtration for maximum acoustic sound
  • Notch filter can be switched in for filtering out interfering frequencies with precision (avoids acoustic feedback)
  • First-rate digital reverb
  • Connections on the back:
  • Symmetrical XLR DI output for connecting to a PA system
  • Send and return effect for looping in an external effect device
  • Line-out output for connecting a tuner or second amplifier
  • including 3 m jack cable
  • Dimensions: 315x375x225mm
  • Weight: 6 Kg.
  • Technical data in .pdf format

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